Thigh Lift

Thigh lift surgery reshapes the thigh by removing excess skin, and in some cases fat, from the inner thigh area creating smoother skin and enhanced contouring and/or better proportion of the thigh and lower body area.

Concerns a thigh lift can address

  • Excess soft tissue (i.e., skin, fat) along the inner and/or outer thighs
  • I’ve lost a lot of weight, and now my legs look droopy.
  • Uneven contour of the legs due to excess skin and fat
  • No matter how much I eat right and exercise, my legs look older than I want them to.
  • Skin laxity in the thighs


  • May be performed in combination with liposuction
  • Ideal candidates maintain a stable weight and are not significantly overweight.
  • Covered by some insurance plans if considered medically necessary
  • May be combined with liposuction for optimal results

Non-Surgical Options For Slimmer Thighs