Abdominoplasty surgery or “tummy tuck” surgery removes excess abdominal skin and fat and often restores or tightens the abdominal muscles, creating a firmer and smoother abdominal profile. Some insurance plans cover abdominoplasty surgery under circumstances where significant medical problems are caused by the excess skin and fat.

Concerns an abdominoplasty can address

  • I have a pooch and want a flatter, more toned looking tummy.
  • My abdomen is just not the same after having kids.
  • No matter how much I diet and exercise, I still have a big stomach.
  • I lost weight, and now my stomach sags.
  • Weakened or stretched out abdominal muscles resulting from pregnancy or weight loss


  • An abdominoplasty removes excess fat, skin and tissue. If the abdominal wall is weakened or separated (i.e., diastasis, a condition frequently caused by pregnancy), this can also be corrected as part of the procedure.
  • Covered by some insurance plans if considered medically necessary
  • May be combined with liposuction for optimal results
  • Ideal candidates are close to their ideal, attainable weight for their body type and size.

Non-Surgical Options For A Flatter Tummy